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Started by Not a Number, July 30, 2009, 07:27:56 pm

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Not a Number

As you know, with my computer not being the most powerful, a problem I often run into with my music making is Audacity.. and its tendancy to make the audio skip most of the time. (Heck, Omni told me that even on his computer he has trouble with skipping audio)

I have recently remembered I have another Audio Editting program on my harddrive, called GoldWave.
If, like me, you record from an emulator, this program is miles better (at recording) than Audacity. I had no skipping problems whatsoever.. or rather, it only skipped when the emulator would normally skip, which isn't that often anyway.

I also recommend this if you use MTVMG 1 PC / Music 2002 or any other MTVMG software that doesn't have a working reverb setting, as you can add your own reverb to the recording.
Plus if you only have a video of the song, this can open video files and export the audio inside it (from experience, I know that it works with .WMV files.. tried with .MOV and ran into a few problems)

There are a couple things I want to clarify:

- Don't immediately switch to this and forget about Audacity. I simply use GoldWave for recording, export that onto mp3 and then finish it up in Audacity.
- I will also say, it is shareware; you only get about 100 edits for free*. Thankfully, you are still able to use it after the limit is up; you get reminded every 5 edits that the free limit is up (at least with the version I use; I have v5.20, the latest release is v5.52)

[download link]

(*well, I can't remember exactly what it says.. it's either 100 or 1,000. :P)


Damn right, I've used Goldwave for about 8 years now, excellent little program, nice downloadable extras too if you plan to do other little bits. Me and my friend do voice acting on the side, and you can download a censor plugin so you can bleep out profanities, pretty neat. The BBC also use it for audio editing if I'm not mistaken.


yeah goldwave does the job and does it well... i found it far easier to operate than audacity. a thumbs up from me!

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