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I Did It Again!

Started by Unforgotten Village Idiot, July 22, 2009, 01:41:38 am

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Unforgotten Village Idiot

I Keep Vanishing.  :o I really need to stop doing that. Haha. But now, i think i might be back... for good. Hopfully. I see theres a bunch of new users and everything on this sight, yet again, im lost on this sight. haha. But i'll figure it out. So how have you guys been? And whats up to all the new people that i dont know.  :P

I just use fl studio 7 and 8 now. So i wont be adding any new Music songs anymore. I retired from using that. (When my game disc broke)  :P But i will be adding my FL songs on the non-Music section of this sight and show you guys what i've been up to.

Well i hope to hear from you guys. And i know you guys are probably shocked to hear from me. Haha.
I am The Unforgotten.


Good to see you back UVI.

I've since progressed onto FL8 but not retired from Music yet, I have some tracks to do on them some time. Good to see another FL user here.

Unforgotten Village Idiot

I would be still using MTV music generator to this day if my stupid nephew wouldnt of thrown my game disc thinking it was a frisbee, which caused it to shatter... :P that was like 5 months ago. And since then i have made about 3-4 cds only using FL 7 and 8.
I am The Unforgotten.

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