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rap vocals

Started by spacekid890, July 06, 2009, 06:26:51 pm

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i was woundering if any of you guys know where i could get my hands on some rap vocal but whithout the backing tracks.
ive tried googling it but not much about.
I thought my song The Temptress would sound prity cool with some Ol' Dirty Bastard style vocals.
any help would be grand.
cheers :D


Just search for Acapellas of Dirty Ol' Bastard. If you have a certain track of his in mind I can have a look for you.


thanks jcw.
Im not not a massive fan of Ol' Dirty Bastard but i do like shimmy shimmy ya and some of the wu tang stuff.
i was looking for more unknown kinda artists but beggers carnt be choosers lol
ill give this a try thanks again. :D


join the site called Acapellas4U, it will have everything you need mate, i get most of my vocals from there, hope this helps  :)


you know i feel so blond now lol i never even thought of searching for Acapellas
thanks quade much appreciated ;D


no probs dude, glad i could be a help  :)

Not a Number

I got the acapellas for "Without Me" and "Just Lose It" by Eminem.
It's been noted on YouTube that Eminem acapellas will sound right with any song.


Wtf @ Chemical Plant Zone theme with the lyrics.


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Not sure if there is much rap....but there are some remix packs there trance , house, dance, rnb ect....midi files with accapellas in .rar files for lots of tracks...some are missing though.


thanks for you help guys.
im not a great fan of eminem but thanks for the tip NAN.
quade Acapellas4U is a awsome site thanks for the link i was up very late last night looking through all the vocals lol.


not to sure fully on this subject but all my mates are releasing cd's and they all just record normaly but use studio quality mics with a pre-amp and that does the job real nice but im not sure if theres a way to make you voice sound better using fruityloops what mic do you have if its low qualtiy thats your prob

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