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pillagemyvillage - the end of an era

Started by pillagemyvillage, June 24, 2009, 07:20:24 pm

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hi people!
well im afraid to announce that my time as a mtvmg2 producer is at an end  :'(
along with this i will no longer use my 'pillagemyvillage' alias when making future tracks. this is because when i start using 'pro' programmes i want to re-invent myself. i think 'pillagemyvillage' sounds rather too metal or summit lol!
i plan to make trance under a name tba and ambient breaks under the name of 'B - ambient'.
i have made my final tune which i will upload here as soon as i can. it'll be called 'B - ambient', my only ambient breaks tune i've ever made on mtvmg2... a fitting way to say goodbye to mtvmg2. look out for it!

the music series has taught me everything i know. i now know how to programme beats, bass and melodies. i will take all of this valuable experience with me for sure.
i have only made mtvmg2 'properly' for the past 2 years - thanks to you guys. my music has had mixed results, some good, some shite lol!

i intend to re-make 3-4 mtvmg2 tunes on 'pro' programmes which im confident will sound awesome!

id like to thank you all for listening and your kind words, because without you i wouldnt have made any good tunes and maybe wouldnt be as inspired to create great music in the future  :-*


Awh man, well farewell to the PillageMyVillage alias! Thanks for showing me to this place, it's thanks to you I'm producing properly now.

I welcome the new stuff from B - Ambient!



well thanks for all the awesome tunes you have made with MTVMG2 mate, you can look back and be very proud of what you have done with the software, some of the best trance ever made with MTVMG2 by far and some of the best tunes ever made full stop!

its a natural thing to do to want to move up and get better and have more options, you know me mate im your biggest fan, would also like to say thanks for giving me inspiration to make better stuff,

now its time to look to the future and i for one can not wait till you get a PC and real grips with Ableton live.

much respect errol  ;D


cheers errol, i cant wait either... ibiza here we come lol


oh and dont worry chaps, i'll always be pillage here and i aint going no where! i'll still frequent and enjoy the tunes...
as long as its none of that boom boom boom bang bang bang crap (the sort of shite quade makes)

Not a Number

Sad to see a great go.. but good luck as B.


thanks nak, im looking to move into some new styles too... as you know i love ambient (often heard in my more melodic trance tunes) so i really want to produce ambient breaks or such like... of course im gonna cain the trance but i want to make harder stuff also... i have many ideas and im confident in my execution. the futures bright and i will value everyones comments for the rest of my life...
the first plan is to get a tune played in a club... even if its to just 20 people lol... i give myself  a year to achieve this... and then... well who knows?

one more track to upload... i think you'll like it... a goodbye but a re-birth at the same time!

Sacred Virgo

then welcome tba (tba --> ?) and looking forward to hear from this noob called B - ambient ;D just do not forget that i'm still waiting 4 pillage's unmixed record and 'fanfare remix'  


thanks nan, but dont worry i'll be ever present here and it'll be the first place i'll upload any new tracks made in the coming months :)


lol dont worry shell, im on it, hopefully this wk end i'll have access to a com, then i can update the lost songs and get every thing in shape... upload new tune too :)


I heard B - Ambient once wrestled a bear to the floor with his bare hands, and then used the skin to create a reese bass, he sure knows how to exploit cheaply.

Sacred Virgo

i heard that B - ambient sucks, but i say let's just be tolerant with him!


yeah my greatest achievement was creating a string section by rubbing a pine wood picture frame against the remains of a dead mouse. the mouse had to be dead for no more or less than 3 weeks, otherwise you would get a slight distortion on the lower frequencies of the strings.

exploit cheap technology


yeah i've heard B - ambient is a right tosser, but i'm sure every now and again he'll make a decent tune... or not


maybe my trance alias will be 'ruthless errol'


LOL! Yeah. 'Ruthless Errol ft. Lady Friend - Put the F*cking Kettle On'

Good idea for a track name though, Ruthless Errol.. lol.


lol funny comments dudes lol

hey B-ambient i thought your best tune was the one where you sellotaped a mouldy cabbage to the back of a dead one legged budgie, then repeatedly hit it with your nans old slipper in the rain, then the way you transfused it with the sound of banana peels burning on a burnt out TV set in the dump, and the use of gravel was just genius, that for me was your finest hour, i know you kinda broke the code with using some hi tec technology such as your nans slipper, but sometimes we have to bend the rules to get the desired effect i guess, some would say you sold out with that one, but not me i love the new age stuff anyway. ;D   


June 25, 2009, 04:43:44 am #18 Last Edit: June 25, 2009, 04:48:18 am by DJ Omnimaga
Sorry to hear you're stopping MG2, but I think once you get used to new music softwares, the best thing to do is experiment and try new stuff. KNowing more softwares opens you to new horizons. I do hope you stay around, though and post some of your non-MTVMG tunes too.

Personally I will most likely stick to MTVMG1 as long as I will do japaneese-video game ish music and '90s happy hardcore/eurodance, but when I return to music, I seriously want to try pro softwares again. I still do hope for a new MTVMG in the future, though.

Good luck in your future music producing Pillagemyvillage :)

One thing that sucks though is that at one point in a semi close future, I had the idea of having a 10mins 59sec megamix of MTVMG/M/2K/3K tunes for youtube but I would have liked if the entire megamix was just RickRoll remixes :D, kinda to prank people who would like to hear a megamix of MTVMG stuff on Youtube :D. Oh well, I could always have it so it includes non-mtvmg tracks, though, I just wanted to prank other MTVMG users, something like "MTV MUSIC GENERATOR - The Best Of Megamix", then when it starts "Darn, not again!"
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer



Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on June 25, 2009, 04:43:44 am
Sorry to hear you're stopping MG2, but I think once you get used to new music softwares, the best thing to do is experiment and try new stuff. KNowing more softwares opens you to new horizons. I do hope you stay around, though and post some of your non-MTVMG tunes too.

well said mate

but you do know that pillages or dity or Ambient B or Adamatica Kingly whatever this ruthless cunt is gonna call himself next, you do know that his tunes are gonna be complete crap lol

by the way omni, did you ever hear the tune pillage and me made on ableton? we done a "one giant leap" remix, one of pillages old tunes, it came out soo bad you have to hear it..

hears the link http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?g4jwqzyjmmt

we both spent hours and foooooooking hours making this tune, we finished it the day timgul went down

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