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Not a Number -- /0 Devblog (MINOR UPDATE 25/07/09)

Started by Not a Number, March 03, 2009, 11:14:53 pm

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Not a Number

March 03, 2009, 11:14:53 pm Last Edit: July 25, 2009, 02:34:04 pm by Not a Number
Even though I don't like giving away too many spoilers in any work I do; with development on /0 going, to put it lightly, slower than a dead snail going backwards (well, maybe not that slow. :P) I figured I'd create a thread here.. just to give people any small updates that happen: even if it's a minor thing like "I've added a new section to Track x"; At least you'd know how far it's close to completion (no matter how far away that may be...  :-\)

So, current things completed with /0:

  • Lyrics for all tracks have been written, with exception to "Prologue: Into the Fire"; I'm gonna see if I can write better sounding lyrics when I have a backing to go with it.

  • I have finished creating the backing for:

    • 02. In The Air Tonight

    • 04. Nothing's Impossible

    • 07. Clouds

    • 08. Transition

    • 10. 32-bit Twist

    • 12. Infinity part one

  • I've begun work on creating the backing for:

    • 09. Prologue: Into the Fire

    • 11. /0

  • I am yet to record vocals; Audacity is being an idiot and making them go out of sync (despite me recording them with the song playing over it.. I guess I could just slow down the vocals)

  • I am also considering rewriting, if not replacing "Autopilot", as I have no idea what the song is meant to "sound" like; I tend to forget how the lyrics go as well. :P I may produce its replacement in the same way as "Prologue: Into the Fire", and I don't want to end up cutting the album down to 11 tracks; A section of "Infinity part one" references the entire album as a whole and requires 12 lines to complete that certain section.
    • If I do end up making a new track in place of "Autopilot", I'll post up the lyrics and I'll let you make the track based off them (rewrite the melody if you want; I have trouble remembering the melody as it is. :P)

Current confirmed track times (estimates in italics)
02. 5:15 -- In The Air Tonight
04. 3:40 -- Nothing's Impossible
07. 5:08 -- Clouds
08. 0:13 -- Transition
10. 3:17 -- 32-bit Twist
12. 9:00 -- Infinity part one

I'll post new updates as a new post. This post will also have these updates.

Not a Number

Minor Update 11/03/09:

Began working more on "Infinity part two". I'm around halfway through the first movement and I'm around 2 minutes in. I'm guessing it might be around 7 to 8 minutes long.. which isn't bad for an opening track. :P (considering I originally guessed it would be around 5:30, but I'm aiming it be less than 9 minutes). Made a few tweaks to the lyrics in that section, there would be a bit in 7/8-time as there is one in "Part one", but I couldn't get it sound right.


Minor Update 17/03/09:

Another section in "Infinity part two" is getting a rewrite; take it from me, those eleven lines sound terrible. :P


Major Update 07/05/09:

/0 will most likely be released in two/three "editions".

First one will simply be "/0 Part 1", which will be an EP containing 6 of the 12 planned tracks. (this'll include Infinity part one and Prologue: Into the Fire; I've already finished 5 backings so a 6th will even things out) I'll probably sell it at around £3 per copy.
Then I'll get to work on the remaining six tracks and once they're finished, all 12 tracks will be put on the full "/0" album, which I'll sell at £5/copy. But, to those who've already bought "/0 Part 1", the other 6 tracks will be put on its own EP, cleverly titled "/0 Part 2", again for £3/copy.

I'm going to put an estimated release date of JUNE/JULY 2009 for /0 Part 1 and with releasing /0 and /0 Part 2 simultaneously, those two I'm putting an estimated release date of SPRING 2011.

Is everyone OK with that? Any comments, don't hesitate to say them.

In short:
/0 Part 1 EP -- 07/2009 -- £3.00
/0 Part 2 EP -- 02/2011 -- £3.00
/0 LP .. . . . . -- 02/2011 -- £5.00


Major Update 16/06/09:

Instrumental for Prologue: Into the Fire has been started. Due to Prologue being made up of 3 sections, I'm guessing it'll be around 5-7 minutes in length. (also seeing as I've only made the first 44 seconds of it so far, I've already used up around a quarter of the Sound RAM.. there's a chance this song may consist of 3 Music 2000 Files. :P I'm currently waiting for a reply from Dimulya from YouTube about how he makes his M2K metal songs -- no reply yet, but if anyone here knows how to create on as good as his, then feel free to tell me. :P


Minor Update 17/06/09:

Devblog also availble on Twitter. This will be the main resource for updates.

Not a Number

Major Update 09/07/09:
I'm assuming no-one here has a Twitter account, but I have great news for /0.

Prologue: Into the Fire is almost finished. The solo-section is completed -- although a little repetitive/basic/repetitive; this will be sorted out in time for the full-length album -- and has at least another minute of instrumental to add to it before it gets recorded onto mp3 them I'll get chance to do the vocals.

Not a Number

July 10, 2009, 11:08:16 am #3 Last Edit: July 11, 2009, 02:47:55 pm by Not a Number

ALL backings for /0, Part 1 EP are complete. Only thing left now is to write vocals for Prologue: Into the Fire and record them.
(after recording Prologue: Into the Fire onto mp3.. now THAT's gonna be the tricky part :D)


01: Nothing's Impossible (3:50)
02: Clouds (5:08)
03: Transition (0:13)
04: Prologue: Into the Fire (7:56)
05: 32-bit Twist (3:17)
06: Infinity part one (9:23)
       I.  Autumn
      II.  Winter

*Due to the emulator displaying "00:07:55", I can only guess it'll be a little less than that; My TTFATF remix was supposedly "00:07:20" when it was actually 7:15. From this, Prologue: Into the Fire may actually be 7:49, making the Total EP length 30:04. OR NOT LOL


the most eagerly awaited album of timgul history lol!

Sacred Virgo

not even the famous 'chinese democracy' album by guns 'n roses took this long to be completed!

Not a Number

July 11, 2009, 03:22:56 pm #6 Last Edit: July 11, 2009, 03:29:19 pm by Not a Number
It's like the Duke Nukem Forever of TIMGUL except this actually has a chance of being released. :P

(I'll just leave this harmless attachment here...)

Not a Number

July 22, 2009, 05:32:05 pm #7 Last Edit: July 22, 2009, 05:34:12 pm by Not a Number
Lyrics for "Prologue: Into the Fire" are written.

Onto vocals.

(the backing for "Transition" will have to be re-recorded, though; skipping issues. :()

Not a Number

Vocals for Prologue: Into the Fire are recorded.
One song down, Five to go.

I did mess up the rhythm on a couple lines, but pffft; it's EP, who cares. :P

Not a Number

Backing for Transition has been rerecorded and mp3'd.
Vocals for Transition are recorded.
Two songs down, four to go.

Very likely that all six tracks will be finished by Friday 31st July.

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