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Original Music 2000 Files

Started by Season 8, March 01, 2009, 12:01:49 am

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Season 8

Because I create my tunes on PC I was wondering if anyone can send me their original .m2k files so I can try and remix them or mix them into my tunes?


Mhmm... I wonder if I got some... I used to have Music 2000 PC (not a legit copy, though)... unfortunately Music 2002 wouldn't open the files (which is weird, considering the only difference with Music 2002 is that it includes the samples that were added in Music 3000 on the PS2). If anything, it would be cool if people shared some files, be it mcr files for emulators, memory card backups with Dexdrive or PC M2K(2) files. Not only this could make remixing people tracks easier but also it would be easier to do DJ mixes if a track in particular is impossible to mix in its current form (the DJ could then add parts to the song to ensure it's mixable... a reason why a lot of my songs won't start at the beginning of the song editor)
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DJ Eddy

i got 1 happy hardcore tune i could send u but ud need 2 tell me how to do it

Master Dutch

DJ Eddy

i to would like to make a hardcore version of anyones songs on music 2002 club edition

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