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2 films about the power of music that affected me deeply

Started by audioghost, February 28, 2009, 05:39:52 pm

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Casper AudioGhost

hi,just wanted to share the trailers to 2 films that really moved me
the first is the visitor.it's about a college prof who is dissatisfied with his life.he has a conference in new your and discovers his apartment has been rented out to an arab couple.he befreinds the couple and allows them to stay.the man in the couple plays an african drum which intrigues the prof.it's a fantastic movie.
here is the trailer on youtube i watched this online at a movie site
the 2nd film is the devil and daniel johnston-a documentary about singer/songwriter daniel johnston,who tho being a genius is deepy disturbed.this movie is a knock out and i relate to it in many ways.just watch the trailer and you'll see.he made over 1000 tapes on a cheap tape recorder and is now an international legend.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJZOe65eA4Y                                               casper

Casper AudioGhost

here are the lyrics to daniel johnston's "urge" a song i plan to cover sometime along with casper the friendly ghost


Get attached to a rolling stone
And yr libel to get crushed.
Yr better off to sit at home
And watch the toilet flush.

I like to sit and look at her.
I like to do that so much.
To stand and act mysterious
And to watch her blush.

I know I'm such a weird guy.
She could never take me serious.
There's always that green monkey
In around or near us.

I think sometimes of holdin' her,
But the picture gets all blurred.
I see shadows dancin' on my wall.
Thoughts scatter like birds.

I wish to God i could touch her hand,
Somehow make her understand,
The man I somehow wanna be,
The man I want her to make me.

But she stands so distant and rolls her eyes.
She leaves me and I don't know why.
Nothing seems to make much sense.
I cant appreciate the sky.

And so I go home lonely,
Like a wolf without a pack
I got nothin to put my love in,
Like groceries without a sack.

Maybe someday when she gets fat,
She'll think about what she's missed.
She'll know shell never get me back.
She'll feel just like the pits.

She'll sit lonely in her apartment,
Thinkin' about what might have been.
She'll know her man had come and went.
Maybe she'll take me seriously then.

Get attached to a rolling stone
And yr libel to get crushed.
Yr better off to sit at home
And watch the toilet flush.

Casper AudioGhost

casper the friendly ghost by daniel johnston

He was smiling through his own personal hell
Dropped his last dime down a wishing well
But he was hoping too close
And then he fell
Now he's Casper the friendly ghost

He was always polite to the people who'd tell him
That he was nothing but a lazy bum
But goodbye to them he had to go
Now he's Casper the friendly ghost

No one never treated him nice
While he was alive
You can't buy no respect
Like the librarian said
But everybody respects the dead
They love the friendly ghost

And now they say we'll never forget
What he learned us
We were mean to him
But he never burnt us
And love lives forever
thanks to you - the friendly ghost

**And so the legend grew
And all the people that he knew
Go and spread the news of
Casper the friendly ghost

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