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an idea about a very simple users song poll

Started by audioghost, February 28, 2009, 04:09:34 am

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Casper AudioGhost

i have an idea about a simple song poll.all who want to participate submit 3 of their best tracks.then the users rate to song on a scale of 1 to 5 then the scores are added up and the songs are ranked according to score.just a thought                                                                casper

DJ Ryznup

Sounds like a cool suggestion.

Though with this system, the problem is that it might cause things to get a tad too personal when people see that someone rated their song as a 1 or a 2, especially if they see a lot of people giving the songs that they consider to be their best work low scores across the board.

If there were ever a ranking system in these forums, I think it would be best to keep the user rating vote hidden, so that no one would know what members were ranking the songs so it would probably have to be like an automated poll. And even then, something like this would probably only discourage some members who see that their songs have a really low ranking or no ranking at all for that matter. It could also possibly encourage people with nothing but bad intentions to join just so that they can give people a low score to bring down everybody's ranking. And with the small size of this community, it would just be too easy to do.

In my opinion, Its a good ideal. But I don't think TIMGUL is ready for a song ranking system. TIMGUL would have to be bigger(and I mean A LOT BIGGER) in order to implement a system like this successfully.


"Limits may hinder us, but they also bring out our creativity."


Talking about rating, I was thinking about having a topic rating system too, but as you mention about the song rating, I think this could also pose problems. I personally get suddently surprised when I check youtube and notice one of my newly posted video gets a 1/5 (except rickrolls of course), and I saw some Youtubers get pissed when they get rated 1/5.

Personally I think I will go with a poll, though, for now. The songs will be listed in the first topic and people will post their favourite songs as reply (3 of them). Posts breaking the 3 songs rules would be deleted. Else I could go with a standard built in forum system poll
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I'm not sure if the types of polls I've seen, on other forums, would work the same, here, but I imagine that a simple poll could easily be posted on the song download thread, itself.

It could look like this:
QuoteRate This Song
() 5
() 4
() 3
() 2
() 1

On the other forums, the poll is set up to only allow each member a single vote and you can't see the votes until you cast your own (which would address the issue of being influenced by how other people have voted).

Of course, it would be up to the artist whether or not (and which tunes) he wants to do this with.  Plus, a separate thread could be started, elsewhere, where the artist can enter the song(s) with the highest ratings into a "Best Of Genre" type of poll/contest (like the SOTM and SOTY ideas that have been bouncing around).

This way, it would be up to the individual and not require the staff to get too involved.

...just a thought...

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