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Started by DarkBliss, February 24, 2009, 08:38:04 pm

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Something comes before my beloved T-1000?! Blasphemy! Just kidding, sounds nice, gonna look out for that one!


Quote from: Irndemon on February 25, 2009, 12:08:56 am
Lots (5.5 GB) of TOP quality Breaks,beats,Spoken samples,accapelas,sfx etc    8)  Can't reccomend this one enough!!
You can just download samples if you become a member,...They do ask for a donation...Not nessecary to download samples though.
Of course i paid the maximum donation and got a dvd in the mail with the Whole sample collection on it to make life easier  :)


Another one i use for sfx & atmospherics:


Many more free sample sites out there.

thx irndemon i was gona ask this question, good job i searched first


Grebz are you going on to FL Studio yet?


im gona try that sound thing u told me about, i think u said something like 8080 or something and if that doesnt work then im gona get a new comp and the first thing i download is FL


It should work mate, just drag it to the right if not at 8080 then all the way. It happens to a lot of people and is simply a buffering error.


yeh ive downloaded it twice now, i found out it might be a fake FL or something, so i wana find the real free version, but yeh i'll try that 8080 when i download it m8, nice1

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