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what kinds of movies/anime/tv shows do you like?

Started by audioghost, February 16, 2009, 01:37:06 am

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Casper AudioGhost

hi just wanted to know what kinds of shows and movies you guys like:) i have a very wide taste and lots of sub genre prefrences like cult films,hong kong made martial arts films from late60's on,exploitation cult films,public domain films(movies with expired copyrights that are free to trade,dl,sell,what ever.some of these movies are great.i'm a big horror fan,i like gore and twisted stuff.not a huge anime fan atm but i love it nonetheless akira made a big impact on me,not a big tv watcher now but i love star trek especially the next gen,i like sitcoms like seinfeld snd friends and raymond sometimes i like fine cinema art house independent type stuff sometimes.feel free to list favorite shows movies and actors                      casper


I was with you up until Seinfeld, Friends and Raymond.

Whenever I'm trying to make a point about how tv shows that are actually worth watching tend to get canceled while utter crap shows seem to go on forever, Seinfeld, Friends and Raymond are the first three examples of utter crap shows I list.  To me, pure hell-on-Earth would be to be trapped in a room and forced to watch Seinfeld, Friends and Raymond - seriously, a blowtorch to the groin would be infinitely less of a brutal, inhumane torture. The boys at Guantanamo are doing it wrong, with the "waterboarding" and taking nude photos (WTF! is that all about, anyway? -- Nevermind, I don't wanna know).  What they need to do is get a room with big-screen tv's on each wall and the DVD box sets of Seinfeld, Friends and Raymond.  By the end of the second season of either series, those "terrorists" would be willing to give up their own grandmothers. [/rant]

Ahem... anyway...

As for stuff I do like, well, a couple of my favorite actors are Kevin Spacey and Edward Norton.  For older movies, you cant beat a Cary Grant film.  I like shows and movies that are of a sci-fi/fantasy nature, with my all-time favorite series being Babylon 5.  One example of the above-mentioned "shows that are actually worth watching (that) tend to get canceled" is Firefly.  Hopefully, Joss Whedon's latest venture will be allowed to last longer than one season.

I've tried, many times, to get into Anime but, whenever I try to watch one, all I can hear is "Go, Speed Racer!  Go, Speed Racer!  Go, Speed Racer, Goo-oo-oo!".



February 16, 2009, 09:21:28 am #2 Last Edit: February 16, 2009, 09:23:40 am by JCW
Oh jeez, so many.

The only thing I watch on TV at the moment are Eastenders, Simpsons, and Friends.

Too many movies to list here!

For Anime, Dominion Tank Police (I love the catgirls), Bubblegum Crash/Crisis and anything with mecha/good action or stuff like that. I dislike new anime like 'Inuyasha' and 'Naruto' and the stupid shit they churn out these days. 80's-90's anime is where it was at!

By the way Zapphnath, I remember Babylon 5 when I used to watch Star Trek: Next Generation etc, what is it actually like? I never took the time to watch it seriously.

Casper AudioGhost

February 16, 2009, 10:03:43 am #3 Last Edit: February 16, 2009, 10:25:55 am by audioghost
all i know is when i get depressed i watch some sitcoms and i feel better.but this topic is not about dissing on someone elses likes ok.or trying to look cool.it's about genuine interests.ok so you don't like sitcoms,ok.but they aren't that bad some ppl like them.i'd hate to think what would happen if i started a thread about let's say country music or opera.i'd be laughed off the forum and ridiculed perhaps which is sad because i consider the ppl here to be the most open minded ppl i know online you gotta leave your mind open or else your just one of the crowd unless ur happy that way.which is fine.i gotta be me.i'll tell u this.there is nothing no song no genre or style of music or film in this world i would ridicule.i may not like britney spears or new kids on the block but, if someone on here said they liked them i would not gripe about how they sucked,they aren't real music,etc.you know why?because i don't want everyone to be like me.i don't think i have superior taste.it's fine to like whatever u want without fear of being ridiculed for being cheezy and lame.i respect u zapp and that's not just for u,that's just my personal philosophy on taste.if i had listened to all the ppl around me.tell me what i was into was lame,i'd have given up electronic music in the 80's and just became a stoner/rocker like all my friends.but i had this PASSION,yall know what i mean,like this is WHO I AM:)so anyway that's my point.i won't look dfown on anyonefor liking elvis abba karaoke wayne newton vannilla ice or anything i swear lol. oh yeah it's a cop out to say to many to mention.if u say that u might as well list 3 lol                                                    casper

Casper AudioGhost

February 16, 2009, 11:12:13 am #4 Last Edit: February 16, 2009, 11:40:41 am by audioghost
wow i have not thought about paperhouse in forever.one of my personal faves is a movie thats not great but i think it's underrated is lifeforce http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089489/
it's about space vampires found in glass coffins inside Haley's comet.it's definitly worth the watch
oh yeah imdb says this movie is called space vampires in uk

Sacred Virgo

my favourite serials right now are lost and 24. I'm also a huge fan of twin peaks.
my favourite anime is saint seiya (to be more correct, i'm obsessed with saint seiya). i also enjoy naruto, death note and beck-MCS. the movies are just too many to list!


Lol Casper, a cop out? I'll list three-four like you suggested :)

Terminator 1 & 2, Saving Private Ryan, Robocop.

Casper AudioGhost

Quote from: Shellshaka on February 16, 2009, 11:44:03 am
my favourite serials right now are lost and 24. I'm also a huge fan of twin peaks.
my favourite anime is saint seiya (to be more correct, i'm obsessed with saint seiya). i also enjoy naruto, death note and beck-MCS. the movies are just too many to list!

i'm also a fan of twin peaks,wow.a really nutty show,i loved it.i even had the diary of laura palmer paperback at one time                 casper

Casper AudioGhost

thx jcw.yeah there are a lot of great flicks. currently my fave action movie is taken,it's excellent.i love slumdog millionaire.but i have been following director danny boyle since trainspotting.i wish i still had my vhs of "shallow grave"this movie is not well known in us,like i assume it is in the uk.i know a lot about directors.aabout 7 or 8 times out of 10 i can tell u who directed a movie(1970-now)off the top of my head,no googling lol.


well, in order, top 3 films ive ever seen.
1. fight club
2. heat
3. candy

as for tv, only footy for me im afraid... id rather be making tunes than watching tv!

Casper AudioGhost

i am personally not a sports fan,however i have watched some football and basketball and hockey.i encourage sports talk :)

147 crew

I agree with 'Z' Kevin Spacey n Ed Norton r top, but don't forget Gary Oldman 'Leon' people!! But Yeah Bruce Willis is the king, also appeared in Friends which IS the all time best serial on tv ever! So did Gary Oldman funnily enough  ;)

Agree with Adam when you say rather be making tunes than watching tv, besides footie of course. Looking forward to the Baseball season APRIL is nearly here. Finally.

Never really seen much anime, enjoy Disney movies though  :D

A good insight is the last 8 DVDs I picked up yesterday

AVP2- GORE, but such a let down
Indiana Jones- Kingdom... Still to watch, probably sucks (Love the originals)
Spiderman3- Worst in series so far, still had to get it
I am Legend- Suprisingly good
Serenity- Joss Whedon. Bloody brilliant, only saw it recently. Don't like Buffy/Angel, not seen Firefly.
Dragnet- Gotta be one of the best films of all time, Dan Aykroyd- GENIUS! Director Casper?? (Testing)
Super Mario Bros- Errrr, its fun...?
Be kind rewind- Not a comedy fan but this sounded good. Yet to watch

Quite a variety, open to most films.

Couple of top faves- Battle Royale I & II, Brotherhood of the wolf and Black mask(Jet Li)

Still haven't seen 'Heat' Damn it

Looking forward to the 'Nightmare on elm street' remake NAK?? I'm not sure  ???

Casper AudioGhost

oh yeah jcw there is a site called hulu that features free legal on demand movies.they got a deal with the networks and they have about 6-8 30 sec commercial breaks per show.right now they got the entire robocop trilogy upi watch movies on it a lot cause i like unusual stuff and they got a ton and change movies periodically.and this site is 100% legit

Casper AudioGhost

February 16, 2009, 02:52:26 pm #14 Last Edit: February 16, 2009, 03:01:00 pm by audioghost
lol yeah gary was the the pro actor that spit all over joey yeah lol.i love him.sid and nancy was the movie that got me when i was 16.i watched it over and over gary becomes sid-he's a friggin chameleon
oh yeah you stumped me on the dragnet question,i knoww the movie and i guessed harold ramis but the director is tom mankiewicz and he hasn't done much since.that was obscure tho good one.


Awesome Casper thanks for that, may go and watch Robocop lol.

And wtf 147, they're remaking the original NOES? I'm a huge NOES fan... how the fuck did I miss that news?! I hope Robert Englund is starring..


Sorry, Casper, I didn't mean to offend you.  It wasn't anything personal against those who watch the shows, it was more of an attack on the people who decide which shows stay and which ones get canned.  The studio execs constantly disappoint millions of people with every decent show they take off the air, too soon, then wonder why no one trusts them enough to actually watch whatever new show they put on.  (Which, of course, leads to even more premature cancellations).

147:  Yeah, Gary Oldman is great, too.  He's one of those guys that can morph into just about any type of character.  "Leon: The Professional" is one of my favorites, too.  Also, if you get the chance to watch Firefly, you won't be disappointed - "Serenity" will make a lot more sense.

JCW:  Babylon 5 is one of those shows that you'd have to watch every episode to really get into it.  Being serialized, like 24, if you miss one week, you'll be Lost, the next week.  JMS set out to make a five-year story arc and stuck with it, the entire run.  Sure, there were minor self-contained story-lines but, for the most part, what you've got is a single 120+ hour movie that's divided into 116 parts.  It deals with war and diplomacy; cultural differences that lead to bias and, eventually, hatred; life-long relationships forged out of necessity.  There's also quite a bit of religion involved, as well.  The first time you get to see the true form of a Vorlon, it puts the overall, million-year struggle into a new perspective.

As for sports, I've never been much of a fan, except for things like the X-Games and Pro Wrestling (if you consider that to be a sport - which most people don't).  I did get into watching NFL, just this past season.  Actually, I just got into watching the Ravens.  Something told me that this was going to be an interesting year, for them, with the new head-coach, and all.  This lead me to record all of their games, this year, and I'm glad I did.  The collection would have been so much greater if they'd have made it to the Super Bowl, but I'm not complaining.  The fact that they made it as far as the AFC Championship game was, in itself, a minor miracle.  There's always next year. GO WACCO FOR FLACCO!!


Casper AudioGhost

i see what u mean zapp and i feel u.but now the market is getting much wider and more shows get a chance to grow on cable channels.soon there will be 1 hr show made exclusively for online viewing,hell i'm sure there's a few now.i can't remember a time when so many great movie actors had hit tv shows,but now it's all over the place

Casper AudioGhost

February 16, 2009, 04:40:30 pm #18 Last Edit: February 16, 2009, 04:52:42 pm by audioghost
paul verhoeven,he directs the best(robocop,total recall,starship troopers,basic instinct)and the not so great(showgirls)
yeah i love the leftfield track at the beginning of shallow grave
i think that wes craven should remake NOES himself he's at the top of his form the last few yearsi just checked and the director they got is samuel bayer who has directed music videos for almost 20 years and has won a ton of awards,this is his first big budget feature


Yeah first Robo is excellent, never get tired of it.

"Hi Bob, Dick Jones here." rofl, so pleasent just before he hand grenades the house.

The others weren't as strong although I didn't mind some parts of 2. It became too much of a comedy. I have the DVD trilogy boxset so it isn't so bad.

Casper, another fav of mine you just listed; Starship Troopers. I haven't seen it for ages but I loved the guy with the blonde hair who hangs out with Rico when they become troopers. Total Recall I always enjoy too, but I have to watch it when my mum isn't around because she finds it so boring.

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