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entroducing shellshaka

Started by Shellshaka, February 15, 2009, 10:06:36 am

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Sacred Virgo

Hi everyone, my real name is Michele and i'm from Milan, Italy. Back in the days I was a member of the jester music forum, but then i couldn't upload any song of mine. I've been using music 2000 since 2000 (ahem.. ;D) and i still enjoy it like the first day I put my hands on it. Then i bought music 3000 and after several years i still think that it is really crappy. I also use audacity to enhance my tunes. I'm planning to use more professional sequencers in the future but i think that i will be forever grateful to jester and tim wright for making me discover my passion for music.
My intention is to partecipate actively to this forum. I'm so glad to know that there's a lot of talented guys out there who share my same interests and hobbies. thanks for creating this forum

And please be tolerant with my english!  :-[ :D


Welcome Shellshaka, nice to have you here on TIMGUL.

Looking forward to hearing your stuff!



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DJ Ryznup

Welcome, haven't had a chance to hear your music yet but looking forward to it. And don't worry judging from your introduction your english seems fine. :)

"Limits may hinder us, but they also bring out our creativity."

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