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last.fm timgul channal.

Started by spacekid890, January 07, 2009, 10:16:58 am

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I was thinking of starting a channal for all the producers from timgul on last fm.
If you think this is a good idea and would like your work and links to your owne personal sites posted on last fm reply on here,
and maybe a list of your tunes you wpuld like uploading.
there is an option for people to pay for your tunes but i would prefure they where free 1. its less complecated for me and 2. im not sure of any legal coplacations that might come up.

cheers ;D



This is a really cool idea Spacekid. I`d never ask anyone for money to listen to my tunes, once they`re made anyone can do as they wish with them, including broadcasting them on a radio station!  :D

You asked for a list of songs so here goes...I`ll try not to pick too many.

1 The Devil Itself (2008)      Can be found in...(Ambient/other)
2 Kill The Bad Guy (2003)                             (Ambient/other)
3 G.I.N.A. (2008)                                        (Ambient/other)
4 Whats It Like To Be Back? (2006)               (Ambient/other)
5 Project One (2003)                                   (Techno/trance)
6 Sadness Through The Strobe Lights (2000)   (Techno/trance)
7 Death Of The Manic Robot (2008)                (Ambient/other)
8 Sympathy For The Manic Robot (2008)         (Ambient/other)
9 Voices (2003)                                          (Ambient/other)
10 Gatekeeper (2008)                                  (House/disco)
11 Far (2001)                                             (Techno/trance)
12 Schitzotronic (2003)                                (Rock/pop)
13 Reflect (2005)                                         (Techno/trance)
14 We Hope That You Choke (2003)                (Ambient/other)

...I hope that`s enough! :D Cheers dude.
"Way Out" - new album made with Ableton Live- 2012



January 07, 2009, 11:40:12 pm #3 Last Edit: January 07, 2009, 11:44:45 pm by JCW
List of my songs below, then the category/topic they can be found in.

Mostly my early stuff and a few newer picks:

1. The Whale (2005) (Hardcore)
2. Neo Classical (ALT Mix) (2006) (Hardcore)
3. Pointlessness (2006) (Drum & Bass/Jungle)
4. The E.C.G (2006) (Hardcore)
5. Shuttle (Blast Off) (2006) (Hardcore)
6. Shuttle (Orbit) (2006) (Hardcore)
7. Shuttle (Landing) (2006), Shuttle (Landing ALT 2008) & Shuttle (Landing Intelligent 2008) (Hardcore)
8. House Cats M2K Version (2008) (Hardcore)
9. Twilight Hardcore M3K Version (2007) (Hardcore)
10. Twilight Hardcore M2K Remix (2008) (Hardcore)
11. The Mystery (2007) (Hardcore)
11. Ultimate Metal Skeleton SKYNET (JCW's Part 3 of Irndemon's Metal Skeleton Trilogy) (Drum & Bass/Jungle)
12. Bisonia (2007) (Drum & Bass/Jungle)
13. Those Darn Jungles (2008) (Drum & Bass/Jungle)
14. Experiments in CORE (2008) (Hardcore)

Got a few secret unreleased tracks to come and I have some other releases, if you need more, just ask.


excelent the more the merryer.
thanks for tellin me the tunes you want on last fm this way its really helpful.
this should keep me busy for a while lol.
i will post a link when i get some tunes on there.


January 08, 2009, 12:43:25 pm #5 Last Edit: January 08, 2009, 12:59:50 pm by Irndemon
 :)Cool idea!! All my music is free and thats the way it should be imo. All can be used if you want to,Exept one which has some pretty hot vocal samples in it.Here is the list:

Atmospheric Jungle-The Whale Tune-[drum n bass/breakbeat]
Intelligent Jungle-African sundown-[drum n bass/breakbeat]
Atmospheric jungle-Jungle Beaches-[drum n bass/breakbeat]
Atmospheric jungle-Ice Caves-[drum n bass/breakbeat]
Jungle Techno-JCW Shuttle Landing(Irndemon Atmospheric Hardcore Junglist REMIX)-[drum n bass/breakbeat]
Dark dnb/Techstep-Metal Skeleton[part 1]Terminator Style Techstep-[drum n bass/breakbeat]
Techstep/Darkstep-Liquid Metal Skeleton[part 2]T-1000 Brutal Version-[drum n bass breakbeat]
Speedcore-250-500-1000 BPM POWERNOIZE!!!-[hardcore]

Cheers!!Hope its not too late!


fantastic idea!

for me i would go with...

one GIANT leap (techno/trance)
messages from heaven 2009 remix (techno/trance)
busted up 2009 remix (techno/trance)
(BASS) inyoureyes (techno/trance)
re born (techno/trance)
pillagemyvillage (drum and bass)

feel free to use any other tunes you may like! ;D cheers pal.


cheers guys i will try and get all these on this week.
hopfuly this will get the music and talent thats on this site to a wider audiance.

Not a Number

January 10, 2009, 01:11:45 am #8 Last Edit: January 10, 2009, 01:21:51 am by Not a Number
I do plan on selling my music, but a handufl of stuff I give out for free as well.
Sadly, I haven't released much, (and what I have released are old versions) so for now, I haven't got much to offer.

01 [WIP] (Techno / Trance)
02 Through the Fire and the Flames ~HARDCORE REMIX~ (Hardcore)
03 Clouds (Demo #1) (Instrumental) (Ambient / Experimental / Other)
04 Sometimes it Amazes Me (Ambient / Experimental / Other)
05 32-bit Twist (Version 1)
06 Hyakugojyuuichi 2007
07 Me or My Cap
08 Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine
09 Classical-X
10 h.a.r.d. Remix 2003
11 New Millennium Cyanide Christ (Music 2000 remix)
12 Pentanol 1.250
13 Racy Advance
14 Infinity (PRE-REWRITE INSTRUMENTAL) Part 1 | Part 2
The download links for Tracks 04 - 14 have expired; I will email the song(s) to you if you want it on the channel

..OK, so I've got quite a load to showcase, but these are all old tracks; hardly any I'd call proper NaN stuff (I try to make Prog-Rock tracks, but Music 2000's geared towards dance music.. which is kind of unfair. :P)

Still a great idea though.

Oh, one last thing: in terms of writing down the title for " [WIP]"; it would be written down as ":awesome: [WIP]".


heres the link to the channel http://www.last.fm/label/TMGUL ive still got some bits to sort out on it but im getting there. its open so you can add your own comments and links if you wish. not a number i you wanna send some tracks ill stick them on there for you my email is spacekid890@yahoo.co.uk cheers dudes.


Take your pick mate. Im easy like sunday mornin' :)
I'd rather be a nobody, than a somebody who 'nearly' made it.


So how does this work? Do we have to join Last.FM (I am a member) or do you just upload our stuff?

Fear 2 StopĀ®

You can use anything from http://www.soundclick.com/fear2stop. 99.9% of the music there was recored with MG2...the other 1 % with DHF.
Fear 2 Stop are: Billy Castillo (me), Dana Castillo (my wife) Raymond Proseus (best friend)http://www.soundclick.com/fear2stop

Casper AudioGhost

hi yall.i uploaded an album on last.fm almost 2 years ago when i first got my own internet

please use these tracks in the timgul channel,the only one that was not made on music 2000/mmg is back from the dead which was made with magix 10 cheers:)i checked the channel and it is very cool:)   casper

DJ Ryznup

Yeah this is a cool ideal. Another great way to help our music get heard. There was one minor mistake that I noticed though. The "I" is missing from TIMGUL, wasn't sure if you noticed that.

"Limits may hinder us, but they also bring out our creativity."

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