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Back with a vengeance, but sadly not on Music 2000 or MG2

Started by quade77, January 02, 2009, 02:31:43 am

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ok i must admit i think i have been neglecting this great site a little of late, not for the fact that i don't like it but because i feel kinda guilty because i have not been making tunes on this software MTVMG2, but because i have been trying to learn new and more advanced music packages such as Abelton live, and i just wanted to show you guys and my friends what i can now do, really hope omin dont mind, but i really want him/you to hear it too, anyways hope you like it,

maximum respect to this site as it has been a amazing place to show what i have done with the Music series, and i will continue to show my love and listen to everyone else's tracks and give productive feed back and best of luck to them all  ;D

HERES THE LINK http://www.savefile.com/files/1945762


I'm sorry to hear you left the music series. I kinda expected it since you recently started learning new softwares and that most of your uploaded tracks are years old, as with a few other less active members. I personally learned Sony ACID Pro and did a tune with it but I still use Music 2000 too because I like how quick it is to use. Heck, after doing a '90s eurodance tune in ACID Pro I did a rickroll remix in MTVMG in about 2 hours (from Super Star Hero main song).

I might be retiring from the site tho, because the last time I had time to listen to people tracks my internet became slow and when it became at decent speed again I no longer had time to listen to people songs ever since. This doesn't mean I'll no longer post nor post updates but it means I may take even longer to listen to people tracks, especially if a lot of tracks are external links. TIMGUL Rave Mix 6 will also be the last one ever and once again only contains songs uploaded several months ago.

I'm happy the site remained active even though I am not around though, this means there is still dedication from users towards the Music 2000/Generator community.

I'll be happy to listen to your new songs when I get some time tho
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I'll listen when I'm back in town on Monday, sad to hear this news but I've also been experimenting with other packages such as eJay. Don't feel bad buddy.

Looks like the end of TIMGUL is coming...


Like I told you on Facebook mate, this is simply amazing. It sounds so professional it`s untrue. You really should send this off dude, I have every faith you could get it released. Top class stuff man.
"Way Out" - new album made with Ableton Live- 2012



Well I noticed after November that a lot of people were vanishing, but from posts, it looked more like a lot of people had computer troubles. Quade is the only one right now who is permanently moving to different softwares among active members it seems. Since this board was created 8 years after MTVMG/2000 came out and still got activity I doubt it will die, though. The best way to keep it active would be to continue letting Youtube Music 2000 users be aware of the board, since more and more people there upload Music 2000 songs. The worst case scenario is if every regular members moved away from Music Generators and stopped listening to people songs.

I'm trying to find solutions to stay active. The site would remain online in any way, especially since the hosting is very cheap ($4.95 a month, which is probably like 3 euros a month) and the domain name for this one site is free since the package came with two free domain names of my choice). I also got 120 GB of diskspace and only used about 10 GB so far for two sites. It would suck if I retired from my own MTVMG site even if I still use the program. No lol I can't let this happen x.x

One solution I thought about was to quit listening to songs from savefiles, rapidshare, megaupload or the like. Except for Mediafire and Youtube, externally uploaded songs takes signifiantly longer to download, since you need to click at like 3 or 4 places and in some cases even type a code or even wait to be allowed to download the song, not to mention in many cases the download speed is much slower than on Mediafire or TIMGUL. I could try to beg 1and1 to increase my upload limit though. I think something like 15 MB a file might be good. In 15 MB you can fit a 320 Kbps hi quality mp3 and if it's too huge you just save it in 256 Kbps and quality is still good.
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No way! Finding this site inspired me not only to upload tracks i made years ago,but to make music again on the playstation.
I use Reason, Ableton, Reaper. Korg synths,vocoders,effects boxes you name it!..........BUT........ sure,you can have all the tech, the quantising,midi, eq's ,effects sends,blah blah blah.... Picking up that ps controller was like reuniting with an old friend.
My experience of using other software(and outboard hardware),learning how they work and perform,has enabled me to make stuff in 'music2000' that im pretty sure jester never thought possible.
Please dont ever 'move on' from the music series. Pick it up now and again,get some ideas down. Take that drum loop you made 5 years ago and mangle the hell out of it in Pro Tools. Drop that cool synth line you did into Logic and put a mad filter sweep over it!
Take a bit of 'music' with you whatever software package you choose for production.
Its with me till the end.

ps... Read the above with some rousing patriotic music in the background for better effect :)
I'd rather be a nobody, than a somebody who 'nearly' made it.


Actually I thought about combining the power of ACID pro and Music 2000 (or even 3000). There are lot of cool samples in both and i can make riffs so easily with them. I can easily record them and import them as wav file. That way you can do even more and because you won't use as much VST plugins then it is less demanding for your computer CPU. I say use whatever package that suits your needs for what you want to do.

Heck, one of my Magix Music Maker and my ACID Pro songs both uses a riff I made in MTVMG1 (the wind sweep effect in most of my songs that uses the underwater 1 sample with pitch bending). The Magix Music Maker song in question also use Cymbal sample from MTVMG
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I will continue using music 2000 till i die!!lol :D I might record all the samples and some of my riffs to use in fl studio,Good Samples!!

I use 4 shared to upload any tracks that are to big to upload to TIMGUL,Its good because you have the option to just play the track rather than download it,or both,Fast buffer too!!


January 03, 2009, 02:43:41 am #8 Last Edit: January 03, 2009, 02:45:15 am by stonecold
Yeah,thats the spirit guys.Sometimes only a 'music' sample will do!
@ dj omnimaga.Your hint of a bigger upload limit is a great idea. Youtube links are all well and good but if i hear something i like i want to be able to download it at high quality(190kbps+) I tend to export my mp3s at 320 or 256 although i can apreciate space is a problem.
From the activity iv seen on here recently,its JCW,Darkbliss,irndemon,Grebz bashing out the tunes at the moment. I tend to work for weeks on one tune inbetween other stuff(like many others i guess). My new years resolution is to make more time to listen and comment on more tracks.
Its feedback that can push users to create more stuff and keep using TIMGUL.
I'd rather be a nobody, than a somebody who 'nearly' made it.


Yeah. The 6 MB limit is because even if I set the forum to allow bigger uploads, like 1 GB even, it will fail or give an error above 6 MB, because 1and1 hosting limit files uploads to 6 MB unless I upload them directly through the FTP
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer


Not a Number

Recording all the samples from Music 1/2000/3000/etc.... call me crazy, but that's not a bad suggestion; if they were all .wavs, then they'd be perfect quality to use in FL Studio, Magix, ACID and all the others. To paraphrase Stoncold, inject the "Music" into your other softwares.

Main downside I can see is this: For example, in Music 2000, there's what, 3000 samples and 1000 default riffs? Not only would it take a fair amount of time to record every single one... it'd use a lot of disk space if we'd be using .wavs.


Lots of talk about possibilities and future tweaks.... not sure if I should continue to share my new music here until I can definately find out what's going on here. Until then, just YouTube exclusives I guess. This site inspired me back onto the scene. I can't bear the thought of it going or merging with other things I know nothing about. Wouldn't be Music exclusive anymore.


quade, you already know what i think of your tune... bloody superb!

ive just uploaded new tunes (finally) and ive pushed mtvmg2 to the limit!
i was listening to the new tunes in my car and i thought wow! they do sound really good loud... the results are always suprising and very pleasing.
its just so easy to make the tunes whereas the pro programmes really take some time. ive listened to so many tunes on this site and out of all the music in the world these tunes just pop into my head at random times!
i'll never leave this site and i will continue to support it and listen to peoples new tunes!

Casper AudioGhost

i don't think timgul is ending,it natural to use other software but there is always gonna be ppl using music series software.i want to start a forum called renegades of electronice that features posts of etreme low budget home recordings from all softwares including fl,ejay,acid magix,abelton and any others


Sounds like a good idea Casper let me know if it goes ahead.

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