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I'm not alone!

Started by morse13, December 27, 2008, 10:25:29 am

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Man am I glad I found this site. I can't begin to tell you all how many times I've been up til 3:00 in the morning working on a song with the Generator. I thought I was the only one in the world still using the Generator and now I see I'm not alone. I stumbled across this site while I was looking online for MG1 and MG2 to replace my existing copies that have some scraches. I ended up buying both games used, they were both listed as being in excellent condition (I hope). I paid $50 all together for both games on Amazon.com . I also bought a PS3 memory card adapter from Target so I can backup the four PS1 and five PS2 memory cards I have that are all full of music. I have been using MTV Music Generator for at least 7 years and never thought it had this much of on online following, though I'm not suprised. I own MTV Music Generator 1, 2, 3, DHF and also have a Korg Triton Keyboard, Fostex Digital 8 Track Recorder, NuMark Turntable, Audio Technica Condenser Mic and a TDK stand alone CD Burner. I don't think I would have turned my guest bedroom into a recording studio if it hadn't been for the Generator. Feel free to check out my music on my website and add me while your there.
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DJ Ryznup

Nice to have you aboard. I know how you feel, cause before I found this site I didn't know there was a group like this. I stopped using the earlier generators a while ago but I had just started playing around with them again shortly before I found this site. And because of it, I'm inspired to try some new stuff with them. Well, this is if I ever get any extra free time to do so these days. Nice to have another Hiphop beat maker here as well, I checked out some of your tracks, and their really cool man, keep up the good work.

And once again, Welcome.

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Welcome to TIMGUL Morse...don`t think I`ve taken the oppurtunity to welcome DJ Ryznup yet either, so welcome too, my friend.

I`ve been REALLY busy for the past month or so (non Music related stuff) which is why my activity on this site has slowed down a bit recently, but rest assured when the new year comes and I have a lot more time on my hands I will get round to checking your stuff out (and anybody else`s I have yet to listen to).

Cheers guys...and a have a happy new year.

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January 21, 2009, 05:21:52 am #3 Last Edit: January 21, 2009, 05:26:04 am by DJ Omnimaga
Heya and welcome to the forums :). Actually it is even weirder to think that during almost the entire time MTVMG series were still in production that there were practically no online community about them. Most people just posted their songs on their personal site. I think the problem was that a lot of people posted songs with premade riffs only and little to no originality, which made others have a bad opinion about the softwares, then people told them to use better studio programs which caused other people like us to be afraid of posting our music online. THis is not to mention around the time the best two MTVMG came out fewer people had internet and a lot of people still had dialup, which isn't convenient for sharing music. Around the MTVMG3 days there was finally a MTVMG-related site called Console Musicians and it was about every console music making programs including Ejay Clubworld and Magix Music Maker PS2. I'm unsure if it covered Mario Paint though. Unfortunately it was apparently very inactive and it eventually shutted down. I think part of the problem was that people bashed these music softwares back in the days because they didn't even bothered figuring out there was a riff editor and said it was too limited. Also I don't think the site allowed you to upload your songs directly, but I could be wrong. If you couldn't upload your songs then it was most likely problematic because at that time there were barely any file hosting websites like savefiles and barely any decent free web hosting.

TIMGUL came out 3 years too late but i felt it was a good idea because people were starting to upload their music more and more on Youtube  but it was hard to find. I didn't thought that many people still used these programs though. Actually that site could be probably seen as a retro gaming site too by some people if it stays open longer, because Music and Music 2000/MTVMG are from the '90s and some people are starting to talk about PS1 games as retro gaming, as they started to do about 5 years ago with SNES games.

Given that we are still hard to find I think we will continue getting more members though, unless everyone active left. The only real way to become easier to find by other people would be that as many members possible include a link to this site in their signatures on other forums they visit (altough I think the link would have to include the words MTV Music Generator, something like "TIMGUL: a forum about MTV Music Generator (Music 2000) series", which would not necessarly draws more members directly, but would boost google rankings, as google ranks sites based on how much places it is linked from
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