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Oh.... Hello, how rude of me, lol.

Started by DJ Ryznup, December 18, 2008, 05:28:52 pm

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DJ Ryznup

December 18, 2008, 05:28:52 pm Last Edit: December 20, 2008, 04:36:38 am by DJ Ryznup
Sorry about that, I got so excited about finding this site that I started posting stuff in forums and uploading songs and creating links before I realized I never formally introduced myself.

So Hello everyone I'm Ryznup and I've been mixing and producing ever since the First MTV Music Generator. When I was younger I used to do beat boxes all the time cause I always had some kind of beat in my head. I never had the money to get the equipment for beatmaking and I didn't know anyone who made beats, so at time I could never create it myself. But I did have a Playstation and when I heard of a game called "MTV music generator", I thought it would be cool to buy. I bought it and struggled with the interface for a couple days before I finally figured out how to make a decent track. After that I was hooked to the Art of Beatmaking. It became my favorite hobby and I started spending more time making beats and mixing songs on my playstation than I did playing games on it.

I created a lot of tracks on the first generator, But also lost a lot of them as well thanks to the stupid 24 memory card in 1 that I thought would be perfect for making songs, but it would always reset itself and erase hours upon hours of work that I had done. But the good thing about that is that if forced me to keep trying new things cause I never wanted to try the same thing that was in the stuff that I lost. And I was in the process developing my own sound before I quit using it about 5 years ago.  I decided to move on to the second generator But I didn't really use it much cause ended up hating the interface in that one with a passion, lol. but who knows I might end up going back to it and experiment with it a little after joining this site. Then I got the digital hitz factory and music generator 3 for the playstation, and I wasn't to fond of either of them because they weren't like the first one.

Then 3 years ago I bought myself an XBOX and got the music generator 3 for that system because I noticed the reviews were more favorable for the XBOX version and then I fell back in love with series again through mixing and the fact that the interface was closer to the first generator helped me enjoy it more. In between this series I used some other programs (which I won't mention here, cause their not in the music generator series)  to create music and started doing a lot more mixing. and I recently bought the pc version of the game, even though I can't seem to get it to work on VISTA!!!!!! And I even decided to get the gameboy advance version of music to mess around with when I was out and about.

This year I haven't really started anything new with the generator games, I just been going back to my old work that I did on them and finishing projects that I put on the shelf a while ago, making them better with extra experience I developed through doing other projects on other programs. I've also been uploading some of my old finished products on the internet for the first time, since I finally have the resources to do so. And in the process of uploading some projects on youtube (All done with music generator mixes) I was made aware of this site through Grebz, who told me about it after seeing one of my videos.

So thats My Mtv Music Generator Life Story, lol.
But thanks to this site its far from over, I plan on uploading a lot of my productions, both mixes and original productions. I'll probably try to go back to the generators that I didn't like as much just to see what I can do with them with the little bit of extra music experience I've gotten since I last used them. I also look forward to learning from all the musicians here and listening to original compositions and mixes.

Just happy to to be a part of this site!!! I've been looking for a site like this ;D

"Limits may hinder us, but they also bring out our creativity."


Welcome to TIMGUL!.
Im quite new here myself.
I have all the music series(apart from xbox MG3) but 99% use music2000 on an old ps1. It's just so nice to use.

Looking forward to hearing your stuff!
I'd rather be a nobody, than a somebody who 'nearly' made it.

Casper AudioGhost

welcome.we are happy to have you here                                       casper


147 crew

Cool introduction, glad you were able to put the thoughts in yr head to good use. Happy that Grebz got you on board I myself collared him into the world of TIMGUL. I'm sure you will enjoy the site and all the info + tunes it has to offer. Truly special.

Will check out yr tunes asap  :D


hello pal, nice to have you here... im onto youre tunes as soon as i get my com working!


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crimzon doom

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