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COME WITH ME((my best song, so far))

Started by Grebz, December 17, 2008, 05:48:54 pm

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December 17, 2008, 05:48:54 pm Last Edit: December 18, 2008, 08:38:48 pm by Grebz
MADE ON MUSIC GENERATOR3-listen to 02:24, up, up, up, up........sounds amazing:D



COME WITH ME((grebz mix))




holy balls, i love that tune! and thats some great work on the remix. how did you get all the samples together like that? fucking brilliant production, im rocking off my chair!


thank pillage and nakamura for commenting ;D, its alrite mate not everyone will like it, i liked it alot when i first made it but now ive heard it so many times and made some other better tunes ive gone off it abit


I`m not really too keen on this type of commercial dance but I can still appreciate the excellent production values that have gone into this tune, really nice remix.

Have you made any songs with any of the other generators?
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thx darkbliss ;D

not used any other music generator games yet, but ive had this game since the day it came out so im not in a rush to get the others


yeh im wanting to get the first and second one for ps soon, u can buy one for not alot of cash, but then its trying to find the games cos there really old now and my local games shop has mostly the new consoles games, so im gona have to shop around abit


cheers nakamura, i woz just looking on ebay and found mg2 for £4.50, so i might buy that, but if u find any cheaper then u might aswell grab it


Out of town till monday but will listen when I get back, intrigued by the mixed comments here!

crimzon doom

great work but you really need to convert to mp3 with such a great song its a shame it sounds like a bad tape
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yeh i agree crimzon, i have all my songs on tape now, so ill still be able to convert them to mp3


I am not familiar with the x-box audio outs. Im sure my mate had his through his hifi with white/red phonos. If thats the case,why not record direct to pc? Much better quality than a hissy old tape!

Great sounding track btw. Not my cup of tea in style,but a+ production. Does the xbox allow using samples from the hard drive? Did you use the accapella from the original track? You got some serious creative power if this is the case.
Nice work.
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@stonecold, nah the xbox doesnt have them red and white things, my tv has and my stereo has, but i use a laptop so that hasnt got any neither, but theres a spare usb port and a microphone and headphone holes in the back if i can do it that way

thanx everyone for commenting  ;D


Get a 'y' piece cable or y adapter (headphone jack - white red male phono) you can get one in tescos. Read page 3/4 of this thread:- http://www.mtv-music-generator.com/index.php?topic=276.40

Plug one end from the headphone out of the xbox. The other into the interface.
You can also record mono if you get a double ended headphone jacked cable and go into the mic input of ur laptop.
I'd rather be a nobody, than a somebody who 'nearly' made it.

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