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Started by Not a Number, November 30, 2008, 10:31:37 pm

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Not a Number

As you or may not know, I likes to make music. Unfortunately, the album is in no way near completion (see latest update (010908) on site for more info) and even since posting that update, progress has been really, really slow. (since the the update which was nearly three months ago, pretty much one song has got its backing finished)

I feel that the only way to get this thing finished is to go on a full-on music making binge; for some reason, my music making program seems to disconnect me from the internet when it runs, so I'll be taking advantage of this. It may not be a healthy option, but I truly want to get this thing finished and out the way for what I have planned for Not a Number in future.

I will start from Monday 01/12/2008*, and hopefully when I return, /0 will finally, be ready for release (with the main site getting a bit of a revamp if Windows Explorer lets me transfer stuff - but that's for another thread on another forum).

So in short, bbl.


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