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Music 2000 rock the world!

Started by Rancen, November 18, 2008, 09:50:15 pm

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 Hey, man! I've my many great tracks in Music and Music 2000. This is a great software which opened the world of music creation for me (and this is a GOD day), and I never thought that such software still so alive for many musicians out there. I'm working now with Cubase SX 3 and Reason 4, but I use also samples from Music 2000. Call me crazy, but I had a lot of dreams with "new versions" of Music (first one was with simple 24db LP filter with low resonance. lol!) and some great compositions were also in my night dreams, when I've created music in new version of Music. I'm very interested in compositions created in Music, I'll check them all in this forum.
You can check my last tracks here.
P.S.: I may sound as a fanboy here, but really i never thought that somewhere in this universe can love the Music as well as me...


Heya, welcome here. I myself would never have expected 1 year ago that there would still be that many users of Music 2000. During the first 2 months this board existed there were about 10 people active and then it picked up like crazy during the new year. I've got a copy of FL Studio demo and used to have one of Magix Music Maker and Ejay 7 once, but I still prefer Music 2000 because it's so easy to use and still manage to do cool stuff (at least for the kind of music I want to make). Heck, I only made two songs in Magix and the trance one used samples from Music 2000 (one of which was actually a recorded riff). Music 2000 style sequencer with the ability to create your own samples like a vst plugin as well as all samples from Music 3000 and MTVMG2 and obviously more channels would really rule.

I will check out your music soon :)
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