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2 haters using Music 2000, potential threat to the community

Started by DJ Omnimaga, November 10, 2008, 08:56:58 am

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November 10, 2008, 08:56:58 am Last Edit: November 16, 2008, 10:55:36 pm by DJ Omnimaga
I noticed the Youtube Hall Of Shame topic was deleted since it was posted during the database rollback in October, but I would like to warn people about two potential haters on Youtube. Both are different from other haters in the way that they both use Music 2000, meaning they will not bash you for using Music 2000 but unlike the 190-200 Music generator series users on this board as well as the other additional 100+ on Youtube, Dehmier and Kallaye will not hesitate to diss everyone's work, even if load of time was put into it. Both have made their own good tracks, but to be honest, while they're good, they're not at a higher level than TIMGUL users in average. They're just good, like a lot of people here. However, they totally lack the good manners pretty much every other Music 2000 users have toward other people who make music for free:

-Will diss the person's work based on his own musical tastes, no matter how much work was put in the song. If he likes your song, you're safe. Else, prepare for a derogatory comment toward your hard work. Altough generally his comments will be slightly less harsh than Kallaye's, the following point will happen:
-If you pm him complaining about his attitude he'll tell you you overeact and that he just gave his honest thoughts about the songs and that he no longer want to ever deal with you, then he will block you and then the following will happen:
-Once you got a problem with his comments and blocked him, he will not hesitate to call you names in other people's videos you comment in (see picture attached to this post for a blatant example, or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8wA5BGiQeE providing the user won,t delete the comment)

Kallaye1 (UPDATE (11/16/08) Note that this issue is pretty much resolved, as there are proof that this member stopped doing the following. However the information will remain as further reference about what to not do to prevent such forum topic to happen in retaliation)
-He appears to diss people based on their musical tastes too, noticing on almost every DnB videos he posted good comments. But it wasn,t the case for my trance videos. Unlike Dehmier he'll usually throw insults as well such as "This is too bad, go home xlibman!!!" and if you decide to comment back he'll send you some hate message via PM claiming he's no hater. Yet he will still continue dissing his work and brag about how his work is much better and last about 20 minutes long a song, while in fact, despite being good, his songs last the usual lenght of electronic music and not be much better than stuff by Pillage, Quade, etc...
-I did not got any further trouble with this user besides hate comments and hate mail. No comments against me via other people videos (yet)

As for now I got the first user blocked on Youtube. Just to tell you, if these two users ever sign up on these boards and start posting hate comments or causing shit, I'm banning their username, e-mail and hostname. If you find a bad comment by them I recommend you let them know your say via video comments or even PM/user channel if you desire and block them now. They will not destroy our alerady small community of courteous users. When criticizing people work people should have good manner. It only take a few trolls to kill a community as small as the Music Generator series. One hater would suffice to do it if nothing was done about it.

It's unneccessary to bash people work with throwing insults and without providing any suggestions. There's a big difference between flaming and constructive criticism. Also, while they may not ruin their reputation among Youtube users, they might ruin their reputation as a Music 2000 user. You may be good at Music 2000, you may make good songs with it, but at least RESPECT others! We alerady got to deal with FL Studio fanboys who bash everything made with Cubase, Reason and Music X000 during summertime.
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer



Thx for bringing this up, I hope I'll never encounter one of them on youtube. I've blocked several people, too, but luckily they never showed up again.

Haters are the reason why so less people on this world can express what they really are like or in what they are good for.
Haters have an absolut lack of manners like DJ Omnimaga already said and they'll never grow up on this topic, so trying to change them or discussing with them won't do any good, be aware of this.

The reason is in my opinion, that haters are kind of childish, because kids are just the same, they can't understand things or just want to get attention or don't want to admit that others are just as good, so they try to get over it by insulting the other person or by criticising something over the top.

Normally you get more tolerant with the years and learn how to criticise someone in a positive way. Yes, criticism is a good thing, it helps people and can improve their doing significantly if you just criticise the right way.

There will always be people with a different opinion, and yea, I want to hear every opinion and critique, I wanna hear what I've done wrong IF I've done something wrong or what I can improve IF I didn't put enough effort in something and I think most of you will think about this in the same way.

To come to an end: Don't let yourself be hurted by an hater, recognize who is such a person and start to stand over it. Always remember not to argue with the Troll cause he'll always win...the same with haters. Let them write or say what they want, all what counts in the end is, that you are yourself and neither need to become somebody else nor to justify yourself when it isn't neccesary.

All of the forum members are great in what they do, we don't need haters and I totally agree with you, Omnimaga, if those two people (or other haters) will ever show up, you should bann them without mercy.
"It seems like life is only a love affair; we step for, we step back; around we turn;
And we see us broken and we see us burn, cause life is not a token that you just put up.

It seems like life is only a love affair, we step for, we step back; around we turn;
And this play is yet chosen, it is love to no concern, cause life is not a token that you just put up."

Symphony ~


Thanks for the heads up, fortunantly I haven't ran across these two yet and I don't intend to. It makes me cross to find people like this doing outlandish things when we should be supporting eachother - like the TIMGUL community does. If those two were here and had of said those things about my tunes I never would have posted another song again, I'm pretty sensitive and comments like that just push my perfectist and almost obsessive nature out of the box and into meltdown. I take stuff like that hard, but now I know they do it for fun if we cross in future I'll deal with them accordingly. Thanks once again.


Well said, and to add to Symphony comment, there are people who are very narrow minded too, which is why some people will only think some specific genre of music have a right to exist and that if you create a different kind of music or listen to a different kind of music they will downgrade you.

I got about 40-50 blocked users on Youtube out of the same amount of people in my buddy list. All others were generally FL studio fanboys who bash everything that is made with Cubase, Ejay, Reason, Music Generator series, Ableton and Magic Music Maker no matter how good it is. These fanboys invade youtube every summer it seems. I had to close my comments last year so they won't spam me. There are also other haters who simply diss people work and tastes based on their own musical tastes. I mean, I am not as much into mainstream rap, country and opera but I will not go insult people who listen to it. And then there is the haters who will bash gaming videos if you are not as good as them. Sometimes these people aren't even as good as you. And then these two Music 2000 users who cause trouble.
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer


Not a Number

Thanks for the heads up about these two.

Out of curiosity, I've been checking out both their channels, and after listening to Kallaye1's stuff... I'm best leaving him be. If he comes to attack my videos, I'll just give him a polite word.

That said, should they try to attack my TTFATF Hardcore or Me or My Cap (yes, that was made in Music 2000.. >_>), I'll just mark the comment as spam and then remove it; if he has a problem with it, that's his problem. If it escalates.. I might end up doing a little vlog to them explaining their wrongs. (assuming my camera doesn't fill up the harddrive with 30 seconds of footage)


I was actually thinking about starting a video showing the haters and what they do, but I would rather do one only if I have nothing else to do and it would only be music 2000/3000/etc users, since the others don't really matters, not being involved in the community at all.

For hate comments I generally thumbs them down or mark as spam if it's spammish, unless the video is intended for hate comments (*cough*my Halo 4 Gameplay Footage/Starcraft Fastest SCV split ever videos*cough*). If it's the first or second comment on the video then I remove it because other haters loves to join the bandwaggon when they see bad comments, else I generally leave it so people see how bad they are until I decide to clean up spam.

Nowadays I also quote the worst comments (either hate comments or really stupid/people not knowing what they talk about and telling me I am wrong even if I am right) on my other forum. I started a similar topic on TIMGUL too, with more emphasis on the Music 2000 videos, but the topic got deleted in the database rollback of October 10 and I didn't felt like retyping everything again. That way even if these comments pissed me off once or even if they didn't we can all have a laugh at them. Usually nicknames are also posted
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer



i just ripped them losers bad on youtube, eye for an eye in this case, they really are shit anyway


Lol i just noticed O.O

According to your profile it appears Demhier deleted your comments though. Kallaye videos still seems to have them though. Some stuff is quite good actually imho, like happycore, I like the old skool style in it and I like some of his percussions. Demhier has good songs too, but Imho if I compare both to some songs I made as well as yours, Pillage, dark bliss, 147 and a lot of stuff on TIMGUL and two youtube members in particular the quality it's not as good. I mean, we fill all 24 channels in Music 2000 most of the time and manage to outdo some commercial stuff, so they don't have the right to badmouth us. Heck, they don't have the right to insult/discourage people who make bad songs either. Instead, criticize their work constructively to help them improve and badmouth them if they keep using only premade riffs even after multiple song uploads and claiming they make their own songs without throwing insults.

Too bad I can't reply to Demhier comment "sick bastard, go to hell" in your channel, since I am blocked from his channel, I would have simply said "this is what you get in retaliation to deliberately offending people and discouraging them from making music"

There are two other music 2000 users I'm being careful with on Youtube as well. The first one, who I saw not too long ago, I don't remember his name, but he seems to brag a lot about how he can do better, even if he didn't trashed people work yet (that I saw). From experience these people can be bad sometimes and usually never upload their stuff to show proof. I think another one is Eddysaints or something like that. He did the same a year ago, but rarely and I didn't got trouble with him yet, but sometimes his comments seems a bit narrow minded, like once, on my Welcome Back in 1995 song he said "sounds like gay boy euro music". It took 2 days and his comment was rated -6 lol. But so far in overall these two people seems fine though and everyone is different anyway, so it's fine. It's the two other ones who needs to be taught a lesson if they continue. :P

At least I am happy that there are only two troublemakers in this community of maybe 300 people. I know communities of that many people who have at least 20 troublemakers
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer



lol, :) yeah fuck them!! lol  :D  i think his stuff was lower then average and thats my honest opinion. and that german guy was just a loser!!! lol 
i would never ever give people bad comments like that, but when you fuck with 1 of us you fuck with all of us, and i stand up for my friends. even tho we only chat on here, i have become very fond of the people i have met and the friends i have made like you, pillage, Darkbliss, Ghost, jc, bass, ect and others i have known through the music software, and i do class you guys as my friends, even if its just cyberfriends :)  (cool name) "cyberfriends" im gonna keep that for a tune name  :)

anyway so where was i, lol

and you are right man,  "they don't have the right to badmouth us. Heck, they don't have the right to insult/discourage people who make bad songs either., so i gave them a taste of there own medicine,  ;D  to let them know what it feels like when people badmouth your work,
hey bro, don't worry about the "sick bastard, go to hell" comment i got, i was expecting that lol i thought that was quite tame, and it shows that i got under his skin, and that is what i wanted, :) we have such cool people on this site, we do not need people like them, and if they ever came here in "our world" and bringing there bad attitudes and stupid comments and rather lame tunes in my opinion , they wouldn't last 2 seconds, !! i know i would not stand for it, as i know you would not too,... they would want to be the best but when they come here and see how amazing some of the top work is, they will soon shrink and become inferior!! lol 

i did want to add my stuff to youtube, but i have come to realize that i get more then enough great response from this site, my friends, and other sites witch are dedicated to people making music, one great comment from you guys means more to me then 20 comments from people that don't know music.........

anyway man, forget them, we are kings!!! peace  ;)

147 crew

Damn, I subscribed to that German dude..think i'll scrap that 'cos I sure as hell can't understand german..shame as I love Final Fantasy, Had no bad vibes..Eddysaints is a bit of a weirdo though


I post you a bad message,to be honnest,you were the one and last,that's the truth,but I reply exactly this to excuse myself:

"Object: music 2000

You know I am french and I play music 2000 since a long time,nearly 10 hours every days,and i have a musical ear especially for this game.You want to listen my shit? I really want to make you listen,REALLY!!! I try to put the music on my computer but it don't work...when I can do it I try to join you. You know I didn't want to insult you,I shouldn't tell you "go home",and it's not really bad,excuse me.First I don't like this kind of music and I'm sure you can do better.You know I'm not a boasful,but my music is really not to bad...I have got 12 songs, all of them are between 17minutes and 22minutes. Music 2000 is all my life.That's what i tell you I don't like..."

So,don't tell to other people that I'm a hater,because I tell you just a bad thing.
In plus I criticize just one or two of your videos,and even tell you,later,that I liked your Final Fantasy 6 song.
I never criticize others song since this time,just because I'm not a hater.


Hoping you will return here to read the replies, I will reply to your comment, the 3 following quotes in particular:
Quote from: kallaye on November 16, 2008, 02:38:45 amFirst I don't like this kind of music and I'm sure you can do better.You know I'm not a boasful,but my music is really not to bad...I have got 12 songs, all of them are between 17minutes and 22minutes. Music 2000 is all my life.That's what i tell you I don't like...

QuoteIn plus I criticize just one or two of your videos,and even tell you,later,that I liked your Final Fantasy 6 song.

QuoteI never criticize others song since this time,just because I'm not a hater.

I remember from your message you apologised for the Go Home thing, but afterward you continued with the comment about how you didn,t liked this kind of music and that I can do better. Well, at this point, it didn't looked like an apology anymore, it looked more like hate mail. Also the only two videos I made you commented on were insults and after doing a google search of your nickname it appeared that every comments you were leaving on videos on the web were negative comments. Of course google doesn't update regulary so maybe it missed some of the good ones. But the fact the only two comments you left me were rude left me with the impression that you were trying to offend me.

The personal message you quoted above was sent right after I disabled comments on all my Youtube music videos for the entire summer.  Your two comments are one of the reason why I decided to disable comments on my music videos this summer, aside from the FL Studio fanboys.

Now you said afterward you stopped posting such comments on other people videos anymore. I am happy to hear that, but until I really see concrete examples I will not unblock you from my youtube account, because after you sent me that PM you vanished completly for the entire summer (I checked your account back in September and it was saying "Last Login: 2 months ago"). Afterward I couldn't see more comments, so either I missed them or they were just recently posted.

Now that it's said you can't judge people music quality if you don't like the genre. You should even be grateful that there are so many song variety made with Music 2000 today. Back in 2002 I could only find house music using the premade riffs and ambient music with no reverb and about 2 channels used at once.

Again I really hope you are really being constructive when posting on video comment pages now. Youtube may be big and you will easily get away if you post 3 bad comments on random popular videos, but the Music Generator community is small compared to the rest and people know each others more since they search for other people tracks and subscribe. Also the users are nice. Because of that, if you screw with other users too much then everyone will end up with a bad opinion of you and unsuscribe. In most cases people may retaliate or take revenge by doing the same thing to you
Omnimaga/TIMGUL founder and former TI-83+/84+ BASIC/Hybrid/Axe programmer



omg, what a bunch of loosers. thanks for the heads up omni as I have considered uploading music to youtube.


What messages in Google sites???
Don't say stupid things,don't lie,I only comment on YouTube,and I comment about 4 messages (on 10-150),who were bad and stupid.
Since I never write a message to criticize,just for support the good songs.(even if it is Trance)...
I respect other styles,and never said that my music is better than someone,than you.


I know that I was wrong for the two messages I left you,it was a bit offensive,and I excuse myself for it,
but it's not a reason to flame me,to tell that I hate people.
I am a peaceman,so don't lie.


Yeah...I've had a few good comments on my youtube vids and channell from kallaye.

I for one quite like the sounds he has been producing......Very Unique, Junglistic, Free Party Sound.

Thanks Alot.


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