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playing my music in dj chat rooms

Started by audioghost, October 24, 2008, 11:13:37 pm

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Casper AudioGhost

October 24, 2008, 11:13:37 pm Last Edit: October 24, 2008, 11:17:12 pm by audioghost
hi friends.i have been on a chat server called pal talk it's like yahoo chat but much better,you have to dl a thing like yahoo messenger
.i have been in many dj rooms here,playing sets of my music on wmp and talking about the explotation of cheap technology and defending music series programs to haters.my friends people are blow away by the music and i have told a guy who djs on online radio about timgul.he's been broesing stuff here i think i know he got some of my stuff
.cheers and i encourage all of you to get paltalk and do some online shows    casper
ps-i have my own chatroom there and all of you can go on and play   
www,paltalk.com  click downloads and get the paltalk app
see you there:)

Casper AudioGhost

in my conversation with the dj guy i mentioned pilage and quade77 as two artist he might like


wow thanks man that sounds kinda cool, ill check out this pal thing, thanks for mentioning us my friend, very very cool of you dude,

much luv Quade77


Mhmm awesome, I wonder if there are such channels on IRC? Idk if I want to add another chat program on my PC since it's alerady running very slow and I hardly ever get time anymore to chat nowadays. I got a program running for MSN, AIM, ICQ, YIM and another one for IRC
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