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Happy Dragon Dance

Started by borgqueenx, October 22, 2008, 08:58:49 pm

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As a big fan of trance and techno, dj omnimaga, dj contacreast and barthezz, i thought you all would appreciate this song.

Its a remix of 3 songs used in the game bomberman for the psp. i am really not good in creating music, and you should give the credits of the song to the people who made the 3 original songs.

Hope you like it!


This is great, did you make it with one of the Music games?
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sorry only songs made with the MTV Music Generator, Music 2000, Music Creation For The Playstation, Music 3000/Digital Hitz Factory, Music 2002 (meaning song was arranged/composed inside the software, not an entire song imported as a wav file like most of the demo songs in it), MTVMG2, MTVMG3 or Pocket Music can be posted in the Music You Created section. I will move this topic to the General Music section.

Nice mix though
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