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Started by ecmb, October 20, 2008, 08:17:16 pm

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I am ECMB. I have been composing tracks on Generator 2000 for awhile now. I have a large catalogue. I am very critical of myself. I will go back and listen to a lot of my stuff and its just crap. But I feel I do have some genius compositions. As I am new to this site, I want to say how happy I am that I finally found a site for this craetive outlet. I thought I was the only geek! Soon I hope to share my music with you. Also, has anyone ever sold their compositons? Just curious. Thanks, ECMB.


Welcome to TIMGUL, ecmb.

Being your own worst critic is, most of the time, a good thing.  It's the best way to get better at whatever it is you're trying to accomplish.  While your friends and family may pat you on the head, saying, "Gee, that was really swell, little guy", you can't do that to yourself.  You'll get the most brutally honest opinions about your creations from within.

As for selling my music - - some years ago, I was heading in that general direction.  Now, I'm content with just letting people hear it.

We're all waiting, with bated breath, to hear some of yours.


Welcome to TIMGUL, ECMB.

Like you, I figured I was the only geek and didn't realise the huge fanbase and creativity of the Music/MTV Music Generator community until I was introduced here by PillageMyVillage. I look forward to hearing some of your tunes, and about being your own worst critic - I'm like that with my entire life, not just my music. Only way to improve I suppose, as Zapphnath said.

Anyway, nice to see a new face on the boards. Hope you enjoy your stay with us.


Welcome to TIMGUL, as you can see there are still a quite good MTVMG userbase (altough there may be more, since this site is only 1 year old and still hard to find), I hope to hear some of your songs soon :).

I myself never sold any of my music. I got the idea to, but I prefer to try to get my stuff better, and even then, labels and listeners tend to prefer mainstream stuff and as soon as something sound different it gets singled out, which is what I fear that could happen with a lot of my stuff, since when I do dance/rave music my songs often have a 90s or videogame influence
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Welcome, ECMB, to TIMGUL.
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hey ECMB, welcome to the gang lol so what style of music do you produce ? and any idea when you will get them uploaded?


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