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YouTube Videos

Started by zapphnath, October 17, 2008, 06:27:36 pm

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I was wondering how those of you who upload to YouTube do it.

By that, I mean, do you do anything to prepare your videos, before-hand, so that YouTube doesn't have to convert them, thereby giving you more control over the final quality, or do you simply upload whatever format your video is already in?

If you do prepare them, yourself, how do you do it (I.E., what program(s) do you use and what settings do you find to work the best)?

I've attempted to upload my first video, but it's taking forever for YouTube to convert and post it.  I'd converted it to MP4, as per the instructions I found while Googling the subject, but, apparently, that wasn't good enough.

Shed some light, if you can, please.

Casper AudioGhost

hey man,i believe youtube converts to .flv flash format.i don't really deal with youtube anymore.i reccomend opening a page on www.showcaseyourmusic.com which does not seem to have an upload limit and lets you upload songs and videos.i currently have 45 songs and 6 videos there.                                                               casper

Not a Number

For my TTFATF Remix video, I had to use a more professional program than simple Windows Movie Maker (which for some reason is so unstable it crashes whenever possible), so I opted for Sony Vegas 9.
But that was basically because I recorded the video and audio seperately (like how Omni did with his Majix Music Maker video), for some reason when I put the two together, the video went slower than the audio. Mostly because when the audio was being recorded, nothing was really operating alongside the emulator (since I had the sound going into another computer and recorded off that), so I needed something to sync it up with.

Also, it usually takes a long time to convert, and sometimes YouTube doesn't even tell you when it's finished converting. I suggest having another window/tab open with your videos in it and refresh that page every so often.


Sometimes, no matter the quality, some of my Youtube videos end up showing the video half a second earlier than the music. It's still both at the same speed but it can get annoying when you make a video supposed to be synced to the music. A big example is that video, which was saved at highest quality possible:


It was 2x worse at shwocaseyourmusic though, it was like nearly 1 second earlier. Youtube is good to get more views but showcaseyourmusic is better for sound quality
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147 crew

Just thought i'd add..

I use Cam-studio (Free) I only have windows 2000 so I can't even use WMM. To convert to FLV you can use various programmes just google it. Cam-studio is .avi

Before I record I load audacity and play at various volumes to keep in the channels, then record at that volume. There are some topics about recording posted elsewhere too.

Casper AudioGhost

the best flv converter freeware i have found is formatfactory it is awesome and on www.freewarefiles.com

147 crew

This is about youtube videos so I thought i'd post here, not recording info. I have been updating my playlists and on my home page is the list of the Dnb playlist I created 1 through 40. Over 160 tunes to hammer out. Also have other various cool tunes, loads of oldies of all types. Click the link to my youtube page to check it out. Great for insperation, listening to MUSIC.


For all my lastest MUSIC2000 creations check out my new topic 'the Vault' found in the dnb MUSIC section

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December 21, 2008, 11:38:00 am #7 Last Edit: December 21, 2008, 11:42:49 am by stonecold
I used windows movie maker. Dropped my .wav file in,then  just used 1 picture (and titles)which changes in sync with the track. Once exported at 'highest quality' it came in at about 60 mb (i believe quality suffers more when uploading over 1Gig). It took about 20 mins to upload and another 45mins for you tube to convert it, however i think the sound quality,although compressed,sounds very good.And it is in sync.
I get probs making a proper vid using a mixture of mpegs/avi/wmv as movie maker crashes.

If it's all about the music just make ur vid with .wav(highest quality) and use a picture/text.

Here's my effort:- http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=-Fvtu5EtA6I
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I record my tracks on to a dvd then i use dvd ripper platinum to extract the track to .wav,Then i use windows movie maker,Drop in the wav file then drop in an image file.Then i always publish the movie using the windows media dvd quality setting as iv'e found this the best setting to use so far.Iv'e tried other settings but the tracks didn't sound too cracky when i uploaded them :)


December 22, 2008, 08:26:08 am #9 Last Edit: December 22, 2008, 08:27:51 am by JCW
I use Windows Movie Maker, import the .mp3 and then add in the little green fox image I use and upload. The quality loss is sometimes dissapointing but they still sound good. Still trying to work out how to save my music so when it uploads it's High Quality but until then this method will do.

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