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Koolassjoe presents... The Gamers Den

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Koolassjoe is a Gamer. A True Gamer. An Old School Gamer. My PSN is... Koolassjoe.

To my TIMGUL family,
It's been a minute...

To all my gamers...
this here is a collection of video game music that Ive arranged and sampled from - in conjunction with my MTVMG addiction.

People get confused when they ask me "How do you make your beats...?" and I reply "With my playstation!" But true gamers love it. Especially the beats that originate from the games themselves. So heres a little taste of my Gamer past, present & future. I hope you enjoy!

1 - The Alucard Dance // Sega Genesis - Dracula
2 - The Dungeon Loop // NES - Super Mario Bros.
3 - Mega's Brother RMX // NES - MegaMan 3
4 - Olympius // NES - Battle of Olympus
5 - Billy & Jimmy // Arcade - Double Dragon
6 - MegaMan Master // NES - MegaMan 2
7 - The Return // Nes - Castlevania
8 - The Boogie Down // NES - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

To complete the albulm, I've linked a few tracks for you that have been chilling in the backgrounds!
9 -  NES - Zelda and Zelda RMX -,1817.msg12160.html#msg12160
10 -  PS1 - Xenogears11 -,1818.msg12161.html#msg12161

i kid u not, i was scrolling down to check the updates (to see if anybody commented on my post), and when i saw this i said "OH SHIT!!!"  great to see u back in action koolassjoe.  im bout to check dis shit out, and ill be back with a comment.  btw....that cover is bad ass dude.

Good looking Zodiac! Yo TIMGUL! I've been MIA but as usual... Koolassjoe Reporting for Duty! I had way too many issues uploading this albulm. Its looking like I might have to boot up a Gamers Den vol#2 since i couldn't get past 8 tracks on this one. Its not my best work but its a throwback to those who remember or played any of these. Most of these were transferred from cassette so the quality might not be the best. Don't hit me...

DJ Eddy:
I got the message on PSN and couldnt wait to check this out m8....Im a pretty big gamer to and will know most of these tunes....Downloading now and will check back once ive listend to em....THNX!!!

Loved Mario dungeon! Oh, the memeries


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