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Ok guys, this is one big folder containing ALL my Music 2000 albums, including my two mini albums and a "best of" type compilation which includes the original version of "Beautiful Death". I`m also including the last track I ever made with 2000 which was originally going to be the first track to a new 2000 album, "In My Dreams I See A Polygon Girl", but was cancelled almost straight away.

I asked Lyricist to remove all the tracks I`ve posted here so this is the only place you`ll be able to download my 2000 tracks and I`ll only be keeping them online for a week or two before I delete them completely.

This is a decision I`ve come to on my own. I`ve definitely reached the end of my own personal Music 2000 road and I`m working very hard on a new album at the minute using Ableton Live which is taking most of my time up.

I`ll post that up here when it`s finished (around October/November 2010) for a limited time as I hope to get some sort of independent record deal with it.

Anyway, if you`re interested, here`s a little piece of my soul.

fair play mate, one things for sure, your'e gonna make it. i guess the m2k stuff has given you the platform to get you up and out there. but it is time for you to evolve and make pro music now. this year will be a good year for the likes of you, me, johnp and quade. i know one day i'll be buying your album, you are super talented in your field :)

DJ Ryznup:
Cool. Good luck, its nice to hear that your moving forward with trying to make a career out of making music. And with the great music that you make I have no doubt in my mind that it will be easy for you to get a record deal. I look forward to hearing your new album as well.

Fear 2 StopĀ®:
Downloading now...looking forward to it!

And of course i miss out on this due to computer issues my end. -.- How typical of my luck.


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