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Author Topic: Rumor about the removal of Stereo Mix option on sound cards updates under Windoz  (Read 1162 times)

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When chatting on IRC, this popped up:

[23:04:21] <Foxtrot200> Does anyone here have stereo mix? Microsoft turned into a copyright Nazi and took mine away.
[23:04:35] <~Jimmy|BSB> Took it away?! :o
[23:04:49] <Foxtrot200> It wasn't in my sound card update

I don't know if this is true and if it applies to all Windows updates and sound card updates, but this is not good for those who use ePSXe + MTVMG/M2K. If they get rid of my Stereo Mix option, I can say goodbye to Music 2000 producing. Thankfully, I got an old sound card that doesn't seems updated anymore, so maybe I'll be immune. I also have no clue on which OS this applies. I currently use Windows XP SP2.

But in any case, I would recommend against updating your sound drivers anytime soon.

I think the reason for doing this is because people abuse the Stereo Mix option to rip music from Youtube videos, other sites and video games. (I myself do)

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fuck windows and live updates i got my updates turned off-why the hell would i want micro soft to tell me what to do? they don't own my pc i do fuck them-people take control of your own computer and stop letting windows bloat yer pc with all this stupid worth less crap-come on what are we fucking sheep? if u really wanna get audio from u tube vids there are better ways that to record manually from stereo mix-getting the flv and converting to mp3 with the freeware format factory is the best-works everytime.i don't see why people think thatthey gotta update all the fucking time-if it ain't broke leave it be-and they never really tell u what's in the updates so whatever let them try to take away my ability to record realtime sound from my pc-i'll figure out a way around it and spread the word
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