xx The end of TIMGUL (2007-2012)
April 21, 2012, 06:51:13 PM by DJ_Omnimaga

2007 - 2012

Starting tonight, The International Music Generator Users Lounge will be put in read-only mode, so all file attachments up to July 2011 (all attachments uploaded afterward were lost in a backup corruption on April 23rd 2012), along with every post and topic made until this very last one will remain available online, but it will no longer be possible to post new topics, replies, music files. Also it will no longer be possible to sign up new user accounts. All files attached to forum messages will be made visible to guests to accomodate the lack of ability to create new accounts.

This decision was taken due to the decision to end TIMGUL's hosting a few weeks ago, along with the general inactivity on the forums. Back in the days, TIMGUL thrived and gave the Music 2000 series a small resurgence, then it even recovered from one year of drama and a massive data loss, reaching high activity levels again from a renewed userbase. But it seems that with the arrival of freeware alternatives such as LMMS and the lack of any new music software project finally had its toll. This isn't to mention that getting the Music softwares to work on new computers or emulators is difficult, so the arrival of freeware music creation tools probably didn't help. This is not to mention it was always difficult for TIMGUL to compete against Youtube for music showcase, as many MTVMG users have chosen to stay on Youtube. Besides that, over the last two years, all the TIMGUL administrators have either moved on in their music carreers or no longer have enough time to keep TIMGUL afloat (such as posting at least a few times per week consistently), and most members are not very active anymore.

So tonight is the end of TIMGUL as an active site. The entire website content will remain online at http://archive.mtv-music-generator.com/ for as long as his upcoming new host (Juju) will run his hosting service, but it will remain in read-only mode.

Any new music discussion will be moved to Omnimaga music section. To accomodate the few that still use the MUSIC software series, extra forum sections may be opened in the future on Omnimaga for help and support. Also, since TIMGUL will remain online, you are free to cross-post music that you have made on Omnimaga forums as well (although in the future, there are possibilities that both websites merge together). Remember that all songs uploaded on TIMGUL after July 5th 2011 were lost, so you will need to repost them there if you want them back online. Since the upload limit is 4 MB, you may have to use a third-party hosting site (such as Youtube, Mediafire or Soundcloud) to host new music you want to showcase on the forums. Keep in mind that the forum rules there disallows uploading music attachments that contains copyrighted material, however, so if you have a Rihanna remix, for example, then you will have to use an alternate upload site and link to the file instead.

We would like to thank every TIMGUL member who have allowed this site to thrive for many years, their contributions and of course CoLD SToRAGE, Codemasters and Jester Interactive for creating the MUSIC series, which allowed this unique site to exist.
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